About The Course

The Wrap Design Training Academy boasts a team of dedicated trainers who are driven by their passion for sharing their expertise and skills with you, enabling your entry into the Window Tinting Industry.

Conducted by some of the most accomplished technicians in the UK and within our state-of-the-art “Inspiration” Centre, our training courses encompass a diverse range of products from our portfolio. They are meticulously crafted to nurture your professional growth, regardless of your current skill level.

We offer both personalized 1-2-1 courses and group courses, with flexible scheduling throughout the year to accommodate your convenience.

At Wrap Design Academy, we provide a comprehensive Window Tinting training package tailored to individual student needs. Our commitment extends to supplying you with complimentary window film, essential window tinting tools, and access to wholesale pricing for window film purchases. The window tinting industry is characterized by exceptional demand, and this is your opportunity to acquire and master this lifelong profession. Don’t miss out; call us today at 01134 269 886 to secure your spot. Our classes tend to fill up quickly.

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Window Tinting Courses

1 Day Intensive
Window Tinting Courses

This class is designed for someone already working in the industry and needs to sharpen their skills. 

1 Week Exclusive
Window Tinting Course

This 1-2-1 week training course will give you the essential skills to become a window tinter. You will be trained by technicians who have over ten years of experience in window tinting.

1 Week Window Tinting
Course (Group)

Looking to get a team together to do window tinting? Then, this course is for you. Learn all the essential skills required to be good at window tinting. A team of window tinting experts will hold courses.

1 Month Professional
Window Tinting Courses

An in-depth course packed with constant practice with different film brands on various vehicles. You will leave with all the essential skills to tint any car yourself.

Window Tinting Course Structure

Introductory Session

Session 1: Introduction To The Window Tinting Industry

  1. Hands-on exploration of window tinting materials and tools
  2. Overview of career opportunities in the industry

Session 2: Key Essentials To Be a Professional Window Tinter

  1. Practical exercises to develop skills and qualities of a professional tinter
  2. Interactive customer service role-play scenarios
  3. Demonstrations of professional conduct in a workshop setting

Session 3: Important Window Tinting Laws

  1. Hands-on understanding and compliance with window tinting regulations
  2. Legal considerations and practical compliance measures
  3. Safety and compliance best practices demonstrated in real-world scenarios

Session 4: Understanding & Using the Correct Tools

  1. Hands-on experience with window tinting tools and equipment
  2. Proper tool handling and maintenance demonstrated through practical application

Session 5: Understanding & Using the Right Chemicals

  1. Practical application and safe handling of chemicals used in tinting
  2. Chemical compatibility and real-world scenarios for chemical usage

1st Stage Training

Session 6: What To Look Out For Before Installation

  1. Hands-on vehicle inspection and assessment before tinting
  2. Customer interaction and project planning through real-world consultations
  3. Pre-installation checklist and practical preparations

Session 7: Handling The Different Films Available

  1. Hands-on examination and tactile exploration of window tint films
  2. Film selection based on actual customer preferences
  3. Techniques for unrolling, cutting, and storing films demonstrated through practical application

Session 8: Techniques of Removing Door Panels

  1. Practical panel removal from actual vehicles
  2. Panel removal methods, safety precautions, and reinstallation techniques demonstrated

Session 9: Preparing The Glass For Application

  1. Real glass surface preparation, cleaning, and application of primers and adhesives
  2. Achieving a clean and smooth glass surface through hands-on practice

Session 10: Cleaning Methods and Solutions

  1. Effective cleaning techniques for real glass surfaces
  2. Application of recommended cleaning products in practical scenarios
  3. Surface preparation demonstrated for optimal adhesion

Session 11: Trimming The Window Tint Film

  1. Hands-on trimming techniques for precise fit demonstrated on actual windows
  2. Achieving clean and seamless edges through practical application
  3. Post-trimming inspection and adjustments in real-world settings

Session 12: Using Tools Like The Squeegee To Apply The Window Film

  1. Practical application exercises using the squeegee on actual windows
  2. Techniques for air bubble removal, demonstrated through hands-on practice
  3. Preventing creases and wrinkles in window film using real-world scenarios

Session 13: Installation Techniques On Quarter Glass

  1. Hands-on application of window tint film on actual quarter glass
  2. Positioning and alignment techniques for a professional finish
  3. Achieving a consistent and quality installation through practical experience

Session 14: Practicing and Refining Techniques

  1. Continuous practical exercises and real-world scenarios for skill development
  2. Troubleshooting common issues and challenges through hands-on practice
  3. Instructor-guided skill improvement and practical application

2nd Stage Training

Session 15: Back Glass Installations Inc Shrinking (dry & wet methods)

  1. Hands-on back glass installations with shrinking techniques demonstrated –
  2. Shrinking methods, including dry and wet techniques, practiced on real windows
  3. Achieving a smooth and wrinkle-free back glass installation through practical experience


Session 16: How to handle the “Dot Matrix”

  1. Understanding and addressing challenges in dot matrix areas demonstrated on actual vehicles
  2. Techniques for ensuring proper adhesion in these areas through practical application
  3. Hands-on practice with dot matrix solutions in real-world scenarios

Session 17: Techniques of Removing Window Tint Film From Vehicle

  1. Practical and safe methods for removing old tint film demonstrated on actual vehicles
  2. Tools and techniques for efficient removal applied in real-world situations
  3. Preparing surfaces for new installations through hands-on practice

Session 18: Constant Practice On Application of Window Film

  1. Ongoing practical exercises and hands-on experience in real-world scenarios
  2. Advanced tinting scenarios and challenges for continuous skill development
  3. Building speed, precision, and expertise through practical application

Session 19: Essential Tools To Have At All Times

  1. Hands-on review of essential tools and their practical uses
  2. Organizing and maintaining a toolkit for window tinting demonstrated through real-world examples
  3. Toolkit preparation for various tinting scenarios through practical guidance

Session 20: Course Duration Options

  1. Exploring course duration options to cater to individual needs through practical discussions
  2. Advising on recommended training duration for optimal skill development based on practical experience

Session 21: Closing Remarks

  1. Recap of key practical learnings and skills acquired
  2. Certification and practical next steps in a career as a professional window tinter

This hands-on training program ensures that participants gain practical, real-world experience and expertise in all aspects of window tinting, preparing them for success in the industry. Various course durations are available to accommodate individual learning needs with a focus on practical application.

Supplied With The Course

Your Window Tinting Essentials

  • Unlimited Window Film: Students have access to a wide variety of window tinting films for hands-on practice throughout the course.
  • Olfa Knife: Each student is provided with a high-quality Olfa knife, an essential tool for precision cutting during the tinting process.
  • Trim Tools: Students are equipped with trim tools for accurate and neat trimming of excess tint film, ensuring a professional finish.
  • Squeegee: Squeegees are provided to help students apply tint film smoothly and without bubbles.
  • Glass Scraper: Glass scrapers are available to assist in the removal of old tint film and prepare surfaces for new installations.
  • Lil Chilzer: Lil Chilzer tools are provided for shrinking and contouring tint film, ensuring a wrinkle-free and professional appearance.
  • Blue Max Blade: Blue Max blades are included for advanced tint film cutting and shaping.
  • Gold Card: Gold Cards are provided for fine-tuning and finishing edges during the tinting process.
  • Spray Bottle: Spray bottles are available for students to apply water or tinting solution during the tinting process, facilitating proper adhesion.

Additional Amenities:

  • Food and Drinks: Students can request food and drinks during the course. We partner with nearby fast-food chains to provide a convenient dining option.
  • Onsite Parking: Ample parking is available onsite, ensuring hassle-free access and convenience for our students attending the course.

These inclusions ensure that students can access the necessary materials and tools for practical learning and a comfortable environment to focus on their training.

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