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Unlocking Your Potential in Vehicle Wrapping
The Wrap Design takes pride in offering what we believe to be the best vehicle wrapping courses available. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to hands-on, practical learning. We understand that becoming a true vehicle wrap artist requires more than just theoretical knowledge; it requires the mastery of skills through real-world application. That’s why our courses have no classroom environment; instead, we immerse you in the world of vehicle customization from day one. Through real-life projects on actual vehicles, you’ll harness your creative potential and refine your technical expertise using a range of premium films, including 3M, Avery Dennison, and Oracle.

A Personalized Journey to Excellence
At The Wrap Design, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all education. That’s why our courses are conducted in a 1-2-1 format, ensuring that you receive personalized attention and training tailored specifically to your needs and goals. This individualized approach empowers you to unleash your creativity and hone your skills without the distractions of a traditional classroom setting. Whether you’re just starting your journey in vehicle wrapping or looking to enhance your existing skills, our courses provide the ideal environment for your growth. With our industry-leading instructors, premium film materials, and unwavering commitment to practical learning, The Wrap Design is your gateway to becoming a master of the art of vehicle wrapping.

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The Wrap Design training sets itself apart from its competitors in several distinct ways:

  1. Focus on Practical Learning: The Wrap Design prioritizes hands-on, practical learning over traditional classroom-style instruction. This emphasis on real-life projects and applications ensures that students understand the theory and gain the necessary skills and confidence to excel in vehicle wrapping.

  2. Personalized 1-2-1 Training: Unlike competitors who offer only group classes, The Wrap Design provides personalized 1-2-1 training. This individualized approach allows instructors to tailor the curriculum to each student’s specific needs and skill levels, ensuring a more effective and efficient learning experience.

  3. Exclusive Use of Premium Films: The Wrap Design exclusively uses top-tier film materials from industry leaders like 3M, Avery Dennison, and Oracle. This commitment to quality ensures that students learn with the best materials available, preparing them to produce high-quality wraps in real-world scenarios.

  4. Instructor Expertise: The Wrap Design’s instructors are industry experts with extensive experience in vehicle wrapping and customization. They not only teach the technical aspects but also provide insights into the industry’s business side, offering a well-rounded education beyond just the basics.

  5. Real-Life Projects: The Wrap Design’s training includes the opportunity to work on actual vehicles and projects, allowing students to build a portfolio and gain practical experience that can be applied immediately in the field.

  6. Comprehensive Business Insights: Besides mastering the craft, The Wrap Design equips students with valuable business insights, such as pricing strategies, customer relations, and marketing techniques. This knowledge is crucial for those looking to start their vehicle customization businesses.

  7. Industry Recognition and Reputation: The Wrap Design’s strong reputation within the vehicle customization industry and its recognition as a leader in the field reflect the quality of education and training provided. Graduates benefit from this association when building their careers or businesses.

  8. Flexibility and Adaptability: The Wrap Design stays ahead of industry trends, ensuring students are trained in the latest techniques and technologies. This adaptability ensures that graduates are well-prepared for the ever-changing demands of the vehicle wrapping industry.

The Wrap Design distinguishes itself through its commitment to practical learning, personalized training, premium materials, industry expertise, and a holistic approach that encompasses both technical skills and business acumen. These factors collectively make The Wrap Design a leader in vehicle wrapping training, setting it apart from competitors in the field.

Vehicle Wrapping Courses

1 Day Intensive
Vehicle Wrapping Courses

This class is designed for someone already working in the industry and needs to sharpen their skills. 

1 Week Exclusive
Vehicle Wrapping Course

This 1-2-1 week training course will give you the essential skills to become a vehicle wrapper. You will be trained by technicians who have over ten years of experience in vehicle wrapping.

1 Week Vehicle Wrapping
Course (Group)

Looking to get a team together to do vehicle wrapping? Then, this course is for you. Learn all the essential skills required to be good at vehicle wrapping. A team of vehicle wrapping experts will hold courses.

1 Month Professional
Vehicle Wrapping Courses

An in-depth course packed with constant practice with different film brands on various vehicles. You will leave with all the essential skills to tint any car yourself.

Vehicle Wrapping Course Structure

Introductory Session

Session 1: Introduction To The Vehicle Wrapping Industry

  1. Hands-on exploration of vehicle wrapping materials and tools
  2. Overview of the industry’s scope and potential

Session 2: Key Essentials To Be a Professional Vehicle Wrapper

  1. Practical exercises to develop skills and attributes
  2. Interactive customer service role-play scenarios
  3. Demonstrations of professional conduct in a workshop setting

Session 3: Important Facts About Wrapping

  1. Handling actual vinyl films and understanding their properties
  2. Estimating costs and pricing real-world wrapping projects
  3. Safety demonstrations and hands-on practice

1st Stage Training

Session 4: What To Look Out For Before Installation

  1. Real vehicle inspection and surface assessment
  2. Hands-on surface repairs and preparation
  3. Live customer consultation and project planning

Session 5: Handling The Different Films Available

  1. Hands-on examination of vinyl films, their textures, and finishes
  2. Film selection based on actual customer preferences
  3. Practical film unrolling, cutting, and storage techniques

Session 6: Cleaning Methods and Solutions

  1. Applying cleaning techniques to actual vehicle surfaces
  2. Hands-on experience with recommended cleaning products
  3. Real-world surface preparation for wrapping

Session 7: Preparing A Panel For Application

  1. Practical panel preparation with real vehicles
  2. Surface priming and degreasing using actual vehicles
  3. Masking and taping real vehicle components

Session 8: Learning Wrap Card Techniques

  1. Hands-on application of wrap cards and squeegees
  2. Real-world air bubble removal exercises
  3. Preventing actual creases and wrinkles

Session 9: Applying Wrap To The Vehicle

  1. Live application of vinyl wraps to real vehicles
  2. Aligning and positioning the vinyl on actual cars
  3. Applying heat using heat guns on actual vehicle surfaces

Session 10: How To Finish The Wrap Neatly

  1. Trimming actual excess vinyl on real vehicles
  2. Creating seamless edges and corners
  3. Post-application inspection and hands-on touch-ups

Session 11: Practicing and Refining Techniques

  1. Continuous practical exercises on real vehicles
  2. Troubleshooting and problem-solving in real-world scenarios
  3. Instructor-guided skill improvement and practice

2nd Stage Training

Session 12: Wrapping Mirrors

  1. Hands-on practice wrapping mirrors on actual cars
  2. Achieving smooth and uniform coverage on real mirrors
  3. Addressing challenges specific to mirror wrapping

Session 13: Wrapping Door Handles & Other Small Parts

  1. Wrapping small and intricate components on real vehicles
  2. Detail-oriented wrapping techniques on actual parts
  3. Ensuring durability and longevity in real-world applications

Session 14: Using Knifeless Tape

  1. Hands-on use of knifeless tape on actual vehicles
  2. Precision cutting without blades on real surfaces
  3. Practical application of knifeless tape in real-world projects

Session 15: Constant Practice On Application of Wrap

  1. Ongoing practical exercises on actual vehicles
  2. Advanced wrapping scenarios and challenges in real-world settings
  3. Building speed and precision with hands-on experience

Session 16: Essential Tools To Have At All Times

  1. Review of essential tools and their practical purposes
  2. Organizing and maintaining a toolkit with actual tools
  3. Preparing a toolkit for various real-world wrapping scenarios

Session 17: Constant Practice

  1. Continuous practice and skill refinement on real vehicles
  2. Mock wrapping projects based on real-world requirements
  3. Final evaluation and certification based on practical skills

This practical-focused training program ensures that participants gain hands-on experience and real-world skills in vehicle wrapping, allowing them to excel in the industry with confidence and competence.

Supplied With The Course

Your Vehicle Wrapping Essentials

  • Unlimited Wrapping Material: Students have access to a variety of vinyl wrapping materials for hands-on practice throughout the course.

  • Olfa Knife: Each student is provided with a high-quality Olfa knife, an essential tool for precision cutting during the wrapping process.

  • Trim Tools: Students are equipped with trim tools for accurate and neat trimming of excess vinyl, ensuring a professional finish.

  • Felt Edge Squeegee: Felt edge squeegees are provided to help students apply vinyl wraps smoothly and without scratches.

  • Spray Bottle: Spray bottles are available to facilitate surface cleaning and preparation, an essential step in the wrapping process.

  • Edge Trimmer: Edge trimmers are provided to help students achieve clean and sharp edges on their wrapped surfaces.

  • Mini Corner Squeegee: Mini corner squeegees are included to assist students in reaching tight corners and intricate areas during wrapping.

Additional Amenities:

  • Food and Drinks: Students can request food and drinks during the course. We partner with nearby fast-food chains to provide a convenient dining option.
  • Onsite Parking: Ample parking is available onsite, ensuring hassle-free access and convenience for our students attending the course.

These inclusions ensure that students can access the necessary materials and tools for practical learning and a comfortable environment to focus on their training.

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